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Fashion Ring001-200-00986


18K WG Turquoise/White Topaz Cushion Diamond Halo Ring with 48 Round White Diamonds 0.24TDW and Turquoise 3.46Carats

Fashion Ring001-200-01005


Colore SS Round Turquoise Fusion Ring



18K WG Turquoise/White Topaz Drop Pendant with 22 Round White Diamonds 0.15TDW and Turquoise 12.62 Carats

Fine Jewelry001-084-00045

$415.00  $375.00

Designer Adam Fierro Sterling Silver Butterfly Style Kingman Turquoise French Wire Earrings

Pendant Cross001-556-00330


SS/18K YG Turquoise center stone and 4 Smokey Quartz on each tip

Pendant Cross001-556-00383


SS/18K YG Dry CreekTurquoise center stone and 4 Blue/Green Tourmaline on each tip



Sterling Silver Native American Boutique Navajo Charm Bracelet Gallery Style // One of a Kind Natural Morenci, Kingman, Easter Blue, Damele, Dry Creek, Carico Lake & Royston Turquoise MASTER NAVAJO SILVERSMITH: BRENDA JIMENEZ

Fashion Ring001-200-00951


Colore SS Turquoise/White Quartz Overlay RIng with 28 White Round Diamonds 0.11TDW



Rita Lee Sterling Silver Kingman & Tibetian Turquoise and Spiney Oyster Cross Post Earrings



Limited Edition Navajo 33" / 4 Strand Spiney Oyster and Kingman Turquoise Necklace. By Master Navajo Artist: Eunice Begay



SS Natural Royston Turquoise Ring w/ caramel matrix. By Master Navajo Artist: Brenda Jimenez



William Henry SPEARPOINT RANGER B12 RANGER The Spearpoint ‘Ranger’ features a frame in hand carved sterling silver, inlaid with 'Zinc Matrix' Kingman turquoise. The blade is black-coated 'Copper Wave' damascus with a VG-5 core; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with white topaz gemstones. A remarkable design that gives you an instrument with a full-size secure grip, and a versatile deep-belly blade, the Spearpoint epitomizes William Henry’s core philosophy – that super